At this moment, you are at your best, you're on the cusp of adulthood, with big dreams and nothing to prevent you from achieving them. The adventure of your life awaits. You are unique, creative and brimming with potential. This is the moment you'll want to remember. Your professional senior portraits will remind you, in years to come, of who you are right now - the hope and excitement of this special milestone in your life, the unique style that defines you. You're unforgettable, and with my help, this pivotal time in your life will be too.

Don't forget this moment

At that time, you'll be invoiced for a portion of your session fee ($250). The remaining $200 will be paid on the day of the shoot directly to my makeup artist. I will guide you as to how to get the most out of your session via consult and physical guides. You can start getting inspired with clothing and location ideas. I love new locations!

First, contact me three to six months in advance. Once we connect, we will chat about your goals and we will grab a date on the calendar. 

Before Your Session


During Your Session

First, we'll meet for hair/makeup with my amazing stylist! He does great camera ready work, has years of experience and simply rocks pre- session prep! After that, we will head to our decided location to shoot. Photo sessions range from 1-2hrs. And I typically 2hrs before sunset. I will shoot from lots of different perspectives, there can be up to 3-4 outfit changes and I'll take lots of images. We will easily get anything you need for RUSH - plus lots more! If we have time,  At the end of the session, you'll feel like an exhausted model, we will wrap and book your Premiere Order Appointment.

The day of your session - be rested because it will be packed and fun!


About 2wks after your shoot, we will meet for your BIG REVEAL at your Premiere Order Appointment at my office. All decision makers need to be present as you'll be placing your final order. I've got collections that fit every need and budget, and at this meeting you can touch and feel sample products. After your order is placed and payment is made, your products will be ready in about 3-5wks. They will be timeless, beautiful and YOU!

After the session, I transfer and back up your photos and then begin the editing process. It takes about 2wks to edit and prepare your gallery of about 40-50 images.

After Your Session


So what's a session like? in one word - FUN. But if you really want the skinny...

About My Process

the details

A few weeks prior to your session, I’ll send you over my style guide. It will help you pick out your clothes, accessories, give you tips on layering and much more. In some cases, I’ll be able to meet you at your home to pull things - but if not, then just bring more than you need because some things will photograph better than others. When in doubt - pack a suitcase and I’ll help guide you. If you are doing SORORITY RUSH, bring at least 3 outfits. For everyone else - 1-4 is fine. I prefer less outfits and more photos!

Your Premiere Ordering Appointment will be held 2wks after your session and you will see your images then. Ordered images are processed right after and take 2-4 wks to complete

Sure! If you’d like a sneak peak on Instagram, I’m happy to post 3 photographer’s choice images. Just send me over a testimonial or video / behind the scenes of the session and I’ll post a great series!

Without a doubt - YES!! Hair & Makeup by my stylist Russ, is REQUIRED for all of my senior sessions and is paid directly to the artist the day of your shoot. Russ is amazing and really makes you feel like an all natural supermodel!

I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash. Payment for your session is due upon booking and all product orders at the order appointment will be due at that time.

Of course! Typically moms are there (they LOVE it seeing their baby all grown up), but I’ve seen a few dads, boyfriends, best friends, siblings. Don’t bring more than 2 people because it can be distracting, but bring someone you are comfortable with and that can make you laugh.  Remember - this is YOUR session...not a family or BFF session :) 

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