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"Senior year is a big deal. So many emotions at play. Having you to our team was by far the best decision! You elevated so many areas of Marin's senior year (a super fun photo shoot, getting to share the experience with her (and you) resulting in incredible images, a ridiculous senior ad, gorgeous yearbook photo, keepsake family gifts and fun social media perks. We have had so much joy seeing how happy she is with the photos - takes it over the top!"

- Nicole (Marin's Mom)


So, photo shoots and being the center of attention are way out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed every minute from picking out the outfits, talking with Jenny, going to each location and during the shoot. It was FUN and she made me feel so comfortable.  The entire session from booking to ordering was easy, fun and seamless?  Jenny is super responsive which also helps and provide ideas which simplifies everything. We trusted her from the beginning!

Hair & Make up, what can I say, I LOVED RUSS!!! OMG!!! SO MUCH!!!! GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC, too.”  The final images were way beyond our expectations. WOW! The images made me and my mom Smile, Cry! Stare! Heart leapt out of body.  As for the final products, Jenny blew us away with all of the cool options. I encouraged a friend to get the album and she was THRILLED, too!  And as for recommending Jenny - 100% - I've already sent 3 people her way!

- Marin

Booker T. Washington  - Dallas, TX

Where to begin with Jenny…She is simply FANTASTIC with a great artistic eye! Not only is she a breeze to work with but she makes stepping in front of the camera feel natural and never forced. She has an eye for capturing the perfect image and bringing one’s inner personality to light. When it came to booking our shoot Jenny was super flexible, responsive and terrific when it came to wardrobe consultation. Our hair and makeup was styled in a way that we were both natural and glamorous at the same time. The pre shoot experience was so much fun and really allowed my sister and I to embrace being in the camera’s eye for the day. Jenny helped pair outfits and coordinate what I was wearing and what my twin sister was wearing. She was able to capture our two unique styles and make them come together seamlessly on camera. During the session she made us feel as if we were doing a Vogue photoshoot. She had an endless supply of FABULOUS locations, snacks, and good vibes. The reveal was nothing short of amazing, fun, and emotional (from my mom)! The pictures captured who my sister and I are and how we want to be remembered at this stage of our lives. Since our shoot I have exclusively recommended Jenny to all of my fellow seniors and my younger sister! Thank You Jenny from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing experience. It was truly unforgettable! 

- maddy & liz

Maddy & liz

Working with Jenny proved there are AMAZING artists who can capture a young adult embarking on the next phase of their life. We looked for a long time to find a photographer who had a real passion for Senior Portraits and was truly interested in the person in front of the camera. From the first email, I knew Jenny was right for us- she is incredibly organized and responsive. I let my daughter take the lead on the entire project and Jenny never missed a beat and treated her like a client-not a student! Jenny has a great eye for wardrobe and plans locations/sights accordingly. Her hair/makeup guru, Russ, was terrific-he made the girls feel comfortable and they looked simply beautiful in their own skin. During the Reveal Party, I was blown away by how beautiful the photographs were. Each of the girls had been uniquely captured both as individuals but also as twins! This is no easy feat but Jenny made it feel natural. If you are looking for an AMAZING Photographer look no further……you will have a great experience with the most beautiful photographs and can guarantee your son or daughter will never look at their pictures and wish for something else! Thank you Jenny for giving us such a great memory and all the amazing photographs!

- maddy & liz's Mom

Highland Park High School – Dallas, TX

"I have never felt more beautiful than when I was working with Jenny on my senior portraits. I never really like the way I look smiling in pictures because it looks so forced but Jenny was hyping me up the whole time so the smiles were all natural and gorgeous! I was confident and comfortable during the shoot and blown away with how the pictures turned out. I absolutely recommend Jenny and think that anyone would love the entire process of working with her!"

- Kate


Booker T. Washington High School For The Performing & Visual Arts - Dallas, TX

"Every person deserves to feel like a star, and that’s the magic Jenny serves up for her clients. She crafts a highly curated experience from wardrobe consultation, to hair and makeup, bespoke and thoughtful locations and a beautiful final package. Jenny said it best when she quipped, “the next time you’ll do this is for your wedding.” She couldn’t be more on the nose with that sentiment. I am so grateful for the treasure of these senior year photos and the last vestiges of this beautiful youth that she captured for our daughter. Jenny is an artist! 

- Marit's Mom


Ursuline Academy - Dallas, TX

"Jenny makes you feel like a model!! She satisfies every girls Instagram picture desire and the family's desire to capture high school and that part of life in a timeless frame of color and joy. She makes it fun, it isn't a chore or something you're doing to make your mom smile! It's a few hours where you're the star of the show! Who wouldn't want to do that with someone as great as Jenny??"

- Claudia


Ursuline Academy - Dallas, TX

"Jenny - what an incredible photographer! From the moment you and your daughter arrive you both will feel comfortable and confident.  Every single detail is thought of by Jenny. She works hard to show your daughter’s personality and does it in a very relaxing way. She takes the time to research locations and try new things. Whether she’s on the ground or in bushes, Jenny will capture the pure beauty of your daughter. Hair and makeup by Russ was just perfect! He and Jenny have a wonderful working relationship and he knows exactly what Jenny is wanting for her clients. My daughter brought a hype girl (friend) along and it just rounded out the session.  I just sat back, watched and enjoyed the moment! 

- Lila's MoM


Booker T Washington - Tulsa, OK

"Jenny is great at making you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. The locations were perfect for my outfits and personality, and Jenny captured who I am at this moment in time. Every photo was beautiful, and I have been able to use them for my headshots and auditions. I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough - she created stunning senior photos and graduation announcements."

- Caroline


"I cannot thank you enough for the photos of Caroline. She can be shy and quiet, and these photos brought out her confidence and beauty. I felt like I got photos of who she truly is rather than a self-conscious version of herself. Everything was easy, and you make the process fun. We are beyond satisfied with the photos and are so glad that we made the investment. Whenever we need a photo of her for something - college application, audition, contest entry, grad announcement - we just go to the group and find the perfect one for the occasion. You captured the many sides of Caroline."

- Caroline's Mom

Booker T. Washington High School For The Performing & Visual Arts - Dallas, TX

"This experience was AMAZING! I heard so many wonderful things about Jenny, and all of it is more than true. She made it all so easy and fun! I'm not used to doing this type of thing, and yet with Jenny I was so relaxed and loved every minute of it. She even came over and helped me pick out what to wear. And her personality is fantastic. She was easy to talk to wanted my opinion on everything. I could not have been happier with the pictures!"



"We could not have been happier with this entire experience or with the photos! She helped us do everything, which was great, because I wouldn't know the first thing about how to help with this. When she came over to help Kennedy pick out outfits to wear, I knew this was going to be great. She is so easy to work with and so incredibly helpful. She took care of everything for us and made it so enjoyable. Kennedy's outfits, hair, and makeup were all taken care of by Jenny. She absolutely amazed me with the locations she took us to. She's so creative and artistic and it could not have turned out better! We are absolutely thrilled with the photos!"


Trinity Christian Academy - Dallas, TX

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