a bloomin’ photography interview with…Jenny Watts!

When my friend and fellow Bloom Forum member Jules Trandem asked me if I’d be up for an interview – I thought…are you sure you have the right girl???  I mean really what could I have to say in the world of child & family photography that would be helpful, insightful, witty or even relevant?  I guess I thought that for about 2min and then just started typing away! 🙂  I’ll keep my words here short because I said more than plenty on in my interview oh and there are some of my all time favorite images included in there too!  From maternity sessions, to baby sessions, to senior sessions to family sessions – I covered quite a few so check it out.

I can’t thank the ladies enough over at Bloom for including me in this process.  And for all you photographers out there – if you enjoy any sense of true community, helpful critique, business tips, online education, fabulous photographer interviews and so much more – then JOIN The Bloom Forum!  Who knows – maybe one day you’ll be their next forum member interview! 😉

Dallas Child, Teen and Family photographer is interviewed by fellow photographer within Bloom Forum And because no post is complete with out a beautiful image… here is a quick one from a super recent sibling teen session – more to come of course! 🙂

Two sisters sit on a dock near white rock lake in dallas for their photo

Jenny Watts Photography | Children | Families | Teens

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  3. tabitha says:

    just love your stuff! beautiful!!

  4. Jenny, have to tell you again…..loved the interview!!!! And this image, so sweet, such beautiful girls, love their eyes and adore their freckles!!!! 😉

  5. Shauna says:

    Oh YOU.. your work and skin tones border on the ridiculous! LOVE your work and fabulous interview!! x

  6. The interview was beautiful Jenny. It was so well deserved!!

  7. amy says:

    What a great interview. I loved reading it all and browsing through all of your work. Your style is wonderful and you are in inspiration to all.

  8. congratulations on the feature Jenny! 🙂 LOVE the photo of the two girls, how stunning!!! love the eyes and freckles with the texture of the water in the back. amazing!

  9. Stacey S says:

    WONDERFUL interview. It was a pleasure to scroll through your gorgeous work, too, and I think your project with the local children’s hospital is terrific. 🙂

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