a milestone session…8th grade graduation

I can think of so many Milestones in a child’s life that need to be documented.  From the first fresh days of your child’s newborn life all the way to their teary eyed High School graduation – there are a zillion moments in between that should be bottled up in a photograph and kept forever.  This is just one of them – but it’s a big one (at least I think it is).  8th Grade Graduation! Sometimes this Milestone might get a bit overlooked in life – at least the significance of it.  But now here is a way to bottle this moment up and remember it forever.

This is the next step in your child’s journey into their teens and even closer to adulthood.  Yes, they will continue to change and mature over the years, they will in fact become wiser, more insightful, maybe even a bit more stubborn, definitely more independent and one can hope even more loving.  But I assure you that you won’t regret grabbing on to this time in their life, especially with a Milestone session.

See below for the details.  PayPal Link below for easy booking.  I’ll be in contact within 24 hrs of booking.  Otherwise feel free to Contact Me with any questions you may have.

PS – two quick things to remember 1) to add siblings to this session it’s $25 extra per sibling 2) read the fine print below…you discover the fabulous location and you’ll get an additional free gift print from me! 🙂


Milestone Session


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