all about the boots…

As much as I love this unexpected weather that Dallas is getting – I must say I’m ready for it to go away.  Our lovely city just isn’t prepared to handle these icy roads that we’ve had for the past 3 days.  Then this morning – I wake up to THIS… 5 inches of beautiful fluffy snow!  I love every second of it – but I must say I miss photographing kids.  These boots are cute and all but I really need a child in front of the camera!  All of my shoots this week have shifted around due to the snow – so thank you parents for being so accomodating with your schedules I do appreciate it.  So for now you get me (or my boots at least) and hopefully by Sunday (Superbowl Sunday that is) you’ll see some actual cute kiddos on here.  But until then – here ya go…and enjoy the snow!

Dallas Child Photographer

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