Shiney Happy ‘Baby’ Everywhere…

I’m not sure that this little guy could have been filled with MORE personality, and man does he love his mama or what!?  He and mom came prepared to do a fun little shoot in an area close to their home.  This is another one that I’ve seen since his early days and I must say he is molding into a mini version of both of his parents.  Such a personality and a true showstopper.  I’m sure he’ll follow in his parents footsteps and end up on the big screen!  Amy – he is a treat and I want to thank you for the chance to photograph him again!  Enjoy – the rest of your photos will be online within a day or two…

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  1. Gretchen says:

    Wow! What a sweetie! Love That first little set there, baby perfection!

  2. Karlee Butler says:

    What an adoreable baby!!!!

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