Collin – Parish Episcopal – Class of 2017

See – I told you – I DO photograph guys… not many but the few I do are AMAZING!  This kid … oh my gosh … had the BEST attitude!  100% tolerated me, his mother and my camera – for at least an hour!  🙂  Really, such a gentleman and so kind.  I look at grown teen boys now so differently now having a growing 4yr old boy.   I’m fascinated and honored to get to meet and hang out with the ones that were raised so well and it’s clear they will grow to be strong amazing men.  Collin is one of those guys!  I hope I do half of what his parents did for him because he turned out pretty damn great!   Best of luck at University of Denver Collin!!! Thanks for letting me have you in front of my lens and for showing me what Max (my son) could grow up to be like 🙂

PS – your mom was pretty awesome too!  pretty clear where you get most of your ‘amazingness’ from!  Photo opp at bottom

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