Thoughtful Dallas Lakefront Maternity Photo Session

This was simply one of the most poignant and significant sessions I’ve had to date. This gorgeous woman is my friend Monica. She’s an extremely talented person and I’m in awe of her creative genius; she’s super stylish and full of wit and energy and she’s so so much more.

Monica is also in the midst of one of the most celebrated times of anyone’s life…pregnancy.  Yet she recently discovered that this momentous occasion has taken a tragic turn in the other direction. At her 6m mark she received a very poor prognosis for baby Hudson.  He won’t make it to term.  It’s heartbreaking news for anyone to hear and I can only imagine how difficult things must be for her right now.

She contacted me earlier this month with the news and expressed her desire to document this time in her life. She wanted something simple to remember him by and to assure that his life wasn’t in vein. How beautiful and brave, I thought. And how honored I was to help.

Monica and her best friend Ronda met me early one morning at the lake. The serenity of the lake at sunrise was simply breathtaking. The powerful nature of the session was quickly transformed into beauty, celebration and remembrance. At times my eyes filled up with tears behind the camera and at other times I was one of 3 girls giggling at the lake. The range of emotions was beautiful.

This session is what I believe photography is about: truly grabbing onto moments in life that were once here and will forever be remembered.

Monica – I’m in awe of your strength, beauty and grace and I know you will be an amazing mother …
Hudson – you are forever remembered and loved by many…

mom poses for a sunrise maternity photo at white rock lakewide angle view of 4 photos of pregnant mom at sunrise at white rock lakeundefinedundefined

Monica and I had an amazing time at this photo session and I’m looking forward to doing more maternity sessions.   If you are an expecting mom … please contact me today 214-534-8060.

  1. Vicky says:

    How wonderful and brave of her to document this. And what a friend you ar to give her these memories. My heart breaks at the thought of what she must be going through. Bless her

  2. Meghan Boyer says:

    As a photographer and a mother who lost her son at 39 weeks, this is especially touching to me. I can see the beauty in the photographs, and know the pain in the mother’s heart. Her strength is inspiring. The courage it takes to get maternity photos done in any circumstance to me is huge, but at this particular time, tremendous. My thoughts are with her.

  3. Carrie T says:

    Jenny, thank you for sharing this very touching post. You captured Hudson’s memory beautifully.

  4. Amy Lucy says:

    Oh how my heart aches for Monica and baby Hudson. I am so glad you were able to capture this special time. These images truly are stunning.

  5. So beautiful and brave

  6. Gail Pomare says:

    blessings to all.

  7. Jules says:

    what an unbelievable story and such incredible images full of love and life and remembrance. this is a truly inspiring session! xoxo

  8. Sara T says:

    Beautiful story, beautiful woman. I love that you shot at dawn, as it has so much significance. I hope that your images will bring this woman and her family hope and strength. Truly a gift! xoxo

  9. Lacey R says:

    Beautiful portraits–she is gorgeous!! I commend her for documenting this time in her life–to remember the magical moments of her pregnancy and the little life that grew within her. My heart goes out to her.

  10. Abbie says:

    My heart goes out to that mama. The images are fantastic, and sure to be deeply moving for her.

  11. Words can’t even express the emotions I feel reading this. What a hard thing to learn so far into your pregnancy. I am so glad you were able to document this for her. It will be a memory she will always have of sweet Hudson to look back on. These photos are gorgeous and I love that she is still able to smile. Thanks so much for sharing Jenny.

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