dallas baby & child photo sessions at the gypsy wagon…they’re back!

Well some people have been asking about quick and easy photo sessions back at The Gypsy Wagon so I thought – why the heck not??  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that store and love the folks that work there even more!  Last year we did a fun couple days of mini-sessions there and it was great…check out some of the cute faces!  This year we are back to do it again.  It’s currently opened up for 1 day (7.11.11 during store hours of 10a-6p) but if there is enough interest I might consider opening up 1 more day later that week.  Until then – let me know if you’d like to snag one of these 12 Gypsy spots…Oh and if you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know about The Gypsy Wagon – well take your lunch hour today and stop by and enjoy!  You’ll be glad you did!!

quick and easy photo sessions at the gypsy wagon in dallas

I’d love a chance to meet you and your little one at The Gypsy Wagon – so if you are interested just call me at 214-534-8060 or drop me an email.


  1. 1000a (VG)
  2. 1030a (MQ)
  3. 1100a (JKB)
  4. 1130a (TC)
  5. 1200p (KS)
  6. 200p
  7. 230p
  8. 300p (TN)
  9. 330p (SA)
  10. 430p
  11. 500p (AH)
  12. 530p (SV)
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