Jenny Watts Photography & Vogel Alcove Partnership

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to my clients.  I started a project earlier this year called REWARDS PARTNERS.  Basically my way of finding a deserving non profit and giving back in any way I can.  This spring I chose Vogel Alcove – an organization who has the only early childhood program in Dallas whose primary focus is to serve very young homeless children residing with their families in local homeless and domestic violence shelters.   You can find out all about the project here and how you can help.  SUPER EASY really – just bring in a pair of PJs to your order appointment and receive a free gift print from me!  Can’t wait to continue this through the year and THANK YOU all to those who have already graciously participated!  These kids and this organization will be thrilled with all that you have donated!

Dallas Child Photographer

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