dallas toddler is all smiles at his morning photo session

Some of you might remember this little blonde guy from his session last year – isn’t he the cutest and WOW how much he has grown!  Jackson is seriously all boy!  He’s a runner, a soccer player, a smiler and just pure boy!  He was so much fun and he totally gave me my morning work out 🙂  Photo Sessions with kids this age can all tend to start the same…they are curious, then nervous (possibly pissed – check out the last photo … actually the very first shot of the session), then they start getting comfortable, then they turn to full on playful & then they are ALL IN.  This is exactly how this one went too!  And THANK GOODNESS for Dad – b/c had he not been carrying Jackson on his shoulders at the beginning of the session – I might not have been able to get some of the smiles that I did.  THANKS DAD!!!  So sorry Jackson’s mom had to miss the session – but at least this way she’ll be surprised with the photos!

smiling toddler on a bridge at a prairie creek park in dallashappy toddler swinging on a swing at local parksweet toddler loves on his dad at a dallas park at sunrisetoddler boy has a meltdown and cries on a bridge at the park

This last shot makes me laugh now b/c this was the very first shot of the session.  After this first meltdown – he was all smiles – so funny how kids can do that!  My bad moods stay around much longer! 🙂

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