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Recently I traveled up to Lubbock, TX with my girlfriend Angela to visit her family.  They are all so great and I’ve been very fortunate to have each of them in my life.  Her family is funny, diverse, opinionated, smart, witty, huge Texas Tech fans (can you tell?) and TOTALLY enjoyable!   The immediate family that was there is made up of her Mom & Dad (Sheila and the Colonel), her brother (Patrick), her sister (Elizabeth), her brother-in-law (Joe T), her niece (Mary Beth) and her 3 nephews (Patrick, William & David).  During this visit photos were a must.  You see, the last time they had their family photo taken was 2 yrs ago (by me).  Since that last session, Patrick the oldest nephew has been living in Peru for 2 years on his mission.  He returned home – 2 days before this shoot.  Then 2 days after this shoot – Patrick left for college AND William (the middle boy) left for 2 years on his mission…this time headed for England.  So you can see, it wasn’t just a normal visit as there was quite a bit of transitioning going on in these kids lives.   However, for 4 days… this immediate family was fully present, happy and enjoying one another by just being together.   The next time this will happen is in another 2 years.   Until then…we have these… 🙂

These boys…what a crew!  And nothing like a little father daughter connection… That Mary Beth – probably one of the smartest PEOPLE I know!

Patrick, Elizabeth & Angela… photographed at their alma mater no less!  Then a sweet shot of the duo that started it all.  50 years and going strong!

Of course we had to include a few of the girlfriends….

Can’t you tell that Angela is just a terrible aunt to these kids?  Really… where’s the love?  🙂


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