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How can I not show off this beautiful family session with this ever so massive blog post!?  OK get ready – this one is a doozie (and believe it or not – there is so much more!).

Meet Nicki and her wonderful family!  I met Nicki last summer when I was able to attend a JINKY WORKSHOP in Round Top.  We met, became roommates for the wknd and hit it off immediately!  She’s an amazing photographer in her own right but as everyone can imagine – she’s hardly in any of the photos with her family.  So that’s where I came in!

We met on a surprisingly pretty day where it started overcast, then went full sun and then dropped to the most gorgeous sunset.  The variety of light and expressions were some of my favorite things during this shoot.  There was ALOT of playing, laughing, running and lady bug inspecting.  And SERIOUSLY – her kids are just so adorable!  I wanted to scoop them all up and make them my own.  So well behaved, so funny and had the sweetest little expressions on their faces.  It’s not often I get to photograph a family of this size and I gotta say – I LOVED IT! Without further delay – let me introduce you the Behm Family…

Brendan (7 but 8 in just 9 days) – he is a total helper and was full of great suggestions during the shoot.  He’s an all around sports guy, loves making others laugh and he’s so sweet and thoughtful.

Evie (just turned 4) – She had the sweetest little spirit about her and boy does she love her brother & sister (and mom & dad too of course).  She wants to do anything Brendan does and is into sports, gardening and cooking.

Audrey (just turned 2) – This is Nicki’s Girly Girl.  From dress up to dancing to cooking with Evie – she loves it all.  What cracked me up is that her favorite song is Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix!  What a personality this one!

Nicki & Tom – well they are just 2 of the cutest parents I’ve ever seen.  And man do those kiddos love them.  I hope I was able to capture all of that love in these images because it certainly is evident.

OK – enough chit chat – let me show them off…

siblings laughing in grass at sunset by white rock lakedallas family having fun at field before sunset near white rock parkmom and dad and three children laughing and loving in nearby dallas parkloving family enjoying their time before sunset near white rock lakefamily moments at white rock lake before sunsetdallas family embraces at springtime sunset at white rock lake

If you are still with me – Take note of their outfits… GREAT pieces for a FAMILY SESSION.  Works together without being MATCHY.  Great job Nicki!


  1. Mindy says:

    New visitor from CM and let me just say – I LOVE this session! Every image I kept wishing I had one of my family like that – beautiful job!

  2. Julia Brown says:

    I love the color and feeling conveyed in these images, you can tell they were enjoying themselves, beautiful work!

  3. zoe d. says:

    holy manoley, what a great set of images! i wish this were my family. especially love that last family shot.

  4. OH MY AMAZING! The emotions, laughter, and love you captured in this session are phenomenal and you should be so proud!! It doesn’t hurt to have such cute subjects either – the whole family is gorgeous!

  5. Oh so gorgeous – love the mix of patterns they’re wearing and how it works so well and you captured them in such perfect sunlight – just beautiful

  6. hope says:

    this is hands down one of the best family sessions i’ve ever seen. i’d love to have something like this for my family and/or would love to be able to shoot with such beautiful authenticity. gosh i love your work jenny! and nicki…gorgeous loving family!

  7. Skye says:

    This is just such a wonderful session, the light, the location and of course the family – all beautiful!! How happy these guys must be!

  8. Heather Walker says:

    In love with this session! Nicki & her family are just beautiful and soooo beautifully captured!!! Thanks for sharing your art!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!! I am so happy you shared so many images of this session of Nicki’s family……I am in constant “aw” of your talent Jenny and I do not know how a favorite from these could ever be chosen, they are ALL just so special, the interactions you have captured are priceless!!!!!!!

  10. Val Spring says:

    In love with this session girl! Your work is so consistantly beautiful. I want photos like these of me and my family!!! That 2nd image is ridiculously amazing!

  11. Heather says:

    Stunning! You’ve captured this family perfectly and I know they’ll treasure these photos forever! I’m a big fan of yours Jenny!!

  12. Jenny,
    WOW! WOW! WOW! You captured the love in this family for time immemorial! I am so happy that you met at the Belle and showed the world what family togetherness looks like!!

  13. Maggie says:

    Absolutely stunning! Beautiful photos!

  14. april says:

    AH mazing. wonderful work.

  15. LaceyR says:

    Really, this goes without saying, Jenny, but these are absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. Each of these is so perfect jenny. I could never choose a favorite. The lighting is just incredible and the interactions you captured are breathtaking.

  17. What a beautiful session and family! So lucky of you to meet up with Nicki and of course she knows how to dress herself and the family for awesome images!

  18. Nicki B says:

    Okay, so you had my crying before I ever even looked at the photos. I love, love, love them all so much! You did such an amazing job. I could gush on and on. THANK YOU!

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