Feels so good to be FEATURED! – {dallas child photographer}

So by default I have this ‘bad’ habit of feeling REALLY good when other people recognize things I do.  I think it’s part of the only child thing – but regardless it’s part of what fuels me.

With photography, I quickly learned that putting your work out there feels a bit scary at times (ok most of the times).  Some people will LOVE, some won’t love so much, some won’t get it others won’t appreciate it.  All that being said – it’s SOOOO great when a group as wonderful as NAPCP recognizes recent work I’ve done.  Who’s NAPCP?  Well it’s pronouced NAP-C-P and it’s stands for National Association of Professional Child Photographers.   It’s a tremendous resource to me as a professional photographer but even more so it’s  a great tool for YOU – the parents!  Check out their parent section – I think you’ll love it!

For photographers out there – go join NAPCP.  They really are an amazing association and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  Since I’ve joined I’ve learned so much about the  business itself, photography techniques, new ways to stretch myself creatively, I’ve networked with some other great photographers and enjoyed some fabulous vino in Napa for their 1st Annual Retreat (images from that week here)!  Not to bad right?

Thank you NAPCP for featuring me in this month’s session share!  You can check out their full write up here and the full session on my blog here.

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  1. Jules says:

    I’m off to check this out! congrats!!!

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