Just a SMIDGE of style!

So as many of you know I’m involved in a photography workshop right now.  We were given an assignment last week and  I took the opportunity  to have some fun with it.  I called up two of my great friends – one a blossoming stylist, Molly and the other my fabulous friend Karlee who happens to be the aunt of this sweet little girl Gracie.  I’ve photographed her before and I must say that she is growing up before my eyes.  She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out.  The original plan was to take her out to this great field that I have been dying to go shoot in…but then RANDOM WEATHER hit Dallas again.  SNOW  – yep first official day of spring and we get snow!  So we had to quickly readjust and come up with something inside.  We lucked into a great opportunity at the Stoneleigh Hotel and then jumped on the McKinney Trolley.  All 4 of us girls had a blast!  Molly, Karlee and Gracie…THANK YOU!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

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