Let’s Celebrate Year One with a CONTEST!

WOW – I can’t believe the 1st year of Jenny Watts Photography has already come and gone.  I couldn’t be more thankful for all of my clients, friends and family that have encouraged and supported me along the way.  It’s been a whirlwind and quite a step away from the corporate world…but I’m loving it!!  In celebration of year one I thought I’d have some FUN with a little contest and offer a GREAT DEAL to my current and future clients!  Sound good!?

Here’s the lowdown on the CONTEST.  Below are some of my personal favs from a few sessions during my 1st year.  They are also images that I’d love to see BIG on my clients walls.  In order to award one lucky client a large print (12×18 or 16×20) of their photo, I need you to VOTE!  The photo with the most comments wins!  Here’s how to play…

  • VOTE… A) leave a comment(s) below stating the image you love the most B) or leave a comment(s) on my Facebook Fan Page
  • VOTE & SHARE…even if you aren’t one of the photos listed, vote.  Also forward on to Friends and Family so they can chime in
  • Vote as much as you want
  • Deadline to vote is by 7pm on Thursday 4/22/10.  I’ll notify the winner that day as well

Now…A GIFT FOR EVERYONE!   (perfect timing for MOTHERS DAY or FATHERS DAY Gifts!)

  • Book a session in April or May 2010 and get 40% off your session fee!
  • Book a session in June or July and get 25% off your session fee!
  • Yep … you guessed it!  These offers are for past, present and future clients.  Must mention 1st Year Anniversary Special upon booking.
  • Your session must be booked before the end of April for this promotion
  • Additional bonus for clients that I photographed in my first year…when mentioning this special, you’ll receive the discounted session and a complimentary 8×12 from your session!  It’s my extra thank you for making year 1 so wonderful!

Thank you everyone…it’s truly been an honor and a pleasure to capture some special moments of your little ones.  Your children are simply amazing!

PS…please don’t be sad if your photo is not on here.  It only means that you already purchased one of my favorites for your wall! 😉

For more from a few of these previously blogged sessions click on…THREE FOUR EIGHT

  1. Christine Cook says:

    I love #6 Summertime Smile!

  2. Ben Roethlisberger says:

    #9 is the one!

  3. Eldrick Woods says:

    #9 is like 12 at Augusta……………..THE BEST!

  4. Ben Roethlisberger says:

    9! duuuuuuuh?!?!?!

  5. Kendra says:

    Hulk boy is very handsome, but I’m going with #4. Beautiful!!!!!!

  6. Tami says:

    Love #4

  7. Jo Anna says:

    #4 is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Michele Lambert says:

    #4 is my favorite…so beautiful!!!

  9. melanie selah says:

    #9 too cute…

  10. Karrie Cato says:

    #4-Love this picture!!

  11. Michael says:

    Number 4 it is!

  12. Elliott says:

    #4 is The best and is amazing work

  13. Cindy says:

    My vote is for #4 Thoughtful Beauty!

  14. IRIS says:

    #8 HOW CUTE!!!

  15. I love number 4 !!!!!!!! They’re all beautiful, but I vote 4.

  16. Betty Park says:

    I vote for # 8 – Betty

  17. Natalie says:

    Number 4!! Beautiful pics by the way!

  18. Katy Jackson says:

    I LOVE #4. How wonderful to catch a candid photo of a beautiful little girl thinking her thoughts…

  19. Priscilla says:

    I vote for #4! Love it!

  20. kathleen evans says:

    i vote #4! PRECIOUS!

  21. Duke Tran says:

    I vote #4. Adorable!!

  22. Nicki says:

    I vote for #4! Thoughtful beauty….You truly captured a little girl who always thinks. Sometimes too hard! Just like mom! Ha ha! I love her and I love ALL the moments that you captured! What a gift!

  23. Arlene Siler says:

    Number 8 is my favorite. What an adorable little face.

  24. NaNa says:

    I vote for #8. What a cutie!!

  25. Number 6 is my favorite. You captured that sweet, thoughtful smile.

  26. susan lacina says:

    I vote for #6…..what a beautiful smile!

  27. MartiSue says:

    #6 with that smile has my vote!

  28. Angela says:

    All of them amazing. too hard to choose! good luck everyone – any of the photos in a home will be fantastic.

  29. John Vickers says:

    I think you did a great job getting the #6 pose of the young girl.

  30. Aunt Ali says:

    Summertime smile from a sweet girl – my vote is #6!

  31. Veronica Willingham says:

    My vot is for #9, he is so adorable and the photo is fantastic. Lighting is great and it captures his innocence and natural baby charm. Great work, jenny! And, I want to book a session before the end of the month! Email me!

  32. Mimi Norton says:

    Definitely #9 –my precious little angel!

  33. Mimi Norton says:

    Baby #9–absolutely the cutest child EVER–even if I am a bit partial!!!

  34. Kim W says:

    Love those curls! #9.

  35. Lynne Hiesiger says:

    I vote for # 9 without question……the cutest baby in all of Texas!

  36. alice park says:

    Goodness this is tough! They are ALL gorgeous! My vote is #9!!

  37. Grandma Madeline says:

    #6 is my fav

  38. jacob norton says:

    #9, because he’s my main man!

  39. Martin Whit says:

    #6 is my favorite, one of the eleven possible

  40. jacob norton says:

    #9 without question!

  41. Lupe G. says:

    GO #9!! GO #9!! CURLY CUTIE ROCKS!!

  42. Michelle says:

    Snacktime #8 all the way :)!

  43. Jenny says:

    thanks for the amazing responses everyone! looks like it’s game on for #6 and #9! You have until Thursday! 🙂 Have fun!

  44. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I love #9 the Curly Cutie picture! He is adoreable.

  45. Les Norton says:

    My vote is for picture # 9 – “Curly Cutie”….with that smile to go along with that hair, easily a rock star in the making!

  46. Michelle says:

    Beautiful #9 is my pic!

  47. Jack Vickers says:

    I love the young Summer time smile #6. She is a very beautiful young girl and you did a great job in capturing her beauty.

  48. Tom says:

    I love number 6 for many reasons. Your work is great. Thanks.

  49. Kate White says:

    #6 is my favorite!

  50. Rebecca Vinocur says:

    # 9 all the way!

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