Little Man Noah turns TWO!

Happy Birthday to the cutest little curly head TWO year old I know!!  Most of you may recognize this little one from my contest earlier this year – thanks to his adoring fan base of friends and family, his parents WON! 🙂  Well, he’s grown a quite a bit, he’s gotten even more curly hair and is learning Spanish!  He’s the ‘champion’ and he knows it…and did I mention how attached he is to Mom & Dad?  What a loved little boy!

Thanks again “W” family for letting me photograph this little guy again.  Happy Birthday Mr Noah and stay tuned for your full gallery later this week. 🙂

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  1. Noah's Unca says:

    WOW! Congratulations, those are amazing photos! Beautiful job Jenny! Not that I’m biased or anything, but Noah make’s the job a little easier, huh?

    I totally agree, Noah is tv and movie worthy and ready! Anyone of your pics can be his headshot, so we already have that taken care of! If we start now,we can have Noah on Teen Beat before he’s even a teenager. We can start with a few commercials, then maybe a Growing Pains or a Who’s the Boss type show, then he’ll be ready for the big screen. He totally has that dreeeeeeeeeeeamy Leo thing going for him! The women will love him! He is also loyal and sticks close to his inner circle. How great a story you’ll have to tell Jenny when years down the line when everyone is bidding big money to shoot Noah nude in a John Lennon Yoko Ono all white inspired shoot for Vanity Fair, he refuses everyone and only does the shoot if you photograph him?! He’ll even donate all the money from the shoot to one of his two charitable foundations. His foundations assist anyone from under privileged children to chronic fakers and everyone in between! He’s a good kid and Hollywood will love him. Plus, the great thing about Noah is that in between acting gigs, we can take advantage of his good looks and especially that hair and book alot of modeling gigs! Except for Carrottop, no body even comes close to having such great hair. Noah is a way more versatile than Carrottop, so we’re set! Everyone on board?

    Noah’s Unca Jacob

    President and Head Custodian of the Noah Riley Whitman Fan Club

  2. Michelle says:

    Jenny, wow! As usual, you never cease to amaze us with your unbelievable talent! This is such a special treat for us on such a special day. Thanks for posting these and, most importantly, thanks for shooting our little guy!

    • Jenny says:

      Awe thanks Michelle! Well this little guy makes it fun and worthwhile for sure! There must be a kids shampoo commercial we can get him into! 🙂

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