My little boy at Three months old and growing so fast!

Where does the time go?  I mean just look at him compared to his 2 month photos!  Is it just me – or is he growing way too fast!?  At just 3.5 months old – this little guy has stolen our hearts!!  I can’t even express the love I have for him and the joy he brings to my life.  Now I know what all of those moms have been talking about for so long.  So I’ll always remember, I wanted to make sure to take note of some of my favorite things about him right now…

  • His head to toe SMILE… he genuinely smiles with his whole body and I love it!
  • His toes are … well … simply the best!  I could play with those feet all day long!
  • His beautiful blue eyes!! Not sure how we lucked out with that – but I adore those eyes!
  • Our mornings together.  He wakes up with the best “I Love You Smile” and I swear he’s saying…”Mom – I’ve missed you since I fell asleep”
  • He’s fascination with himself and the mirror – he knows he’s pretty special.
  • His eager playfulness with his activity mat and anything hanging above his head.
  • The way the outdoors completely calms him down.
  • The look that he gives me during his feedings… I know he’s saying…”Thank you & I love you”
  • His strong effort to mimic our mouth noises.
  • The fact that he soothes himself to dreamland when I hold him close (even though the critics would say – ‘Put that baby down to sleep AWAKE!’)
  • How he holds his blankie tight and gets excited when I bring it to him fresh out of the dryer.
  • This boy loves to try and stand…He is literally in a better mood when I hold him up and let him put his weight on his legs and feet – he loves it!
  • I love/hate this one… TELEVISION – this child is obsessed with TV!  So I’ve been making a pretty strong effort to keep the TV off and music on all day.  Otherwise he would never blink and just stare at it!
  • MASSAGE – how can I forget…He loves baby massage time!  He’s got some pretty dry skin on his legs so every night and morning I massage them with this ointment that he loves.  I’m probably creating a spa baby early…

I could go on and on – but these are the things that I adore the most about him right at this moment. Most of all I love that he came into our lives, rocked our world and forever changed us both for the better.

I love you so dearly Max…

3 month old little boy in blue blanket3 month old little boy in blue blanket with blue eyes3 month old little boy in blue blanket with gorgeous blue eyes

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