One of my favorite people!

Meet Emme!  You’ve seen her before I’m sure – and if you haven’t – get ready to see more of her because she’s recently allowed me to have my camera out more around her.  This little ball of fire is my best friends daughter.  Emme and her brother Jake (at school while this was taken 🙁 )  are two of my favorite kiddos ever!  I’ve known them both since the day they were born and I simply can’t get enough of them.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to ‘hang out’ with Emme for about an hour.  She was a bit camera resistant at first and instead just wanted to play the piano, the bongos, water the plants, bake cookies – you name it.  But after a bit of persistance she caved!  I got about 5 minutes of camera time!  All I needed !  Thanks Emme…<3 U Mucho!

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  1. Jules says:

    ha! love her in that hat! seriously cute!

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