Out of Sight & “KINDA” Out of Mind

This past weekend I got to meet little Jackson!   I must admit it started out a bit bumpy.  He is so into mommy right now and at times, he was clinging on for dear life.  Whenever she would set him down, he’d let out the saddest cry and huge tears would welp up in his eyes…I couldn’t take how sad he looked.  🙁  SO Plan B – Unless we wanted mom holding him in all of the shots –  we had to think fast.  Thankfully, “L” family decided agreed to have mom stay about 200 yards behind us and become otherwise known as SUPER SECRET AGENT MOMMY.    Sometimes she was hiding behind a tree, other times ducking behind a bush…all in the hopes of having little Jackson relax and smile.  Well I must say guys… IT WORKED!!!  The first shot below is how the majority of the first part of the session when.  Then once it was just Dad, Jackson and myself – we were all smiles!  ENJOY “L” family – I’m looking forward to sharing the rest with you!

This is is just one of the many shots where Jackson really wanted to put something in his mouth.  It always made me laugh because he’d get it just close enough while looking at dad, then stick his tongue WAY out and act like it was going in – and then surrendered once dad took 2 steps forward.  Too cute!

Last good smile of the day and I loved it!

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  1. mommy "L" says:

    Jenny, The pictures are AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the rest. I have say, hiding was worth it. lol. Thanks again for such a great experience and I will enthusiastically recommend to everyone I know.

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