Quentin – Booker T Washington – Class of 2016

So yes – I photograph guys!  Shocking I know – but when you have guys like this to shoot HOW can you pass that up!?  Quentin is an amazing musical artist (pretty much self taught I believe) and he’s headed off to USC to attend the Thorton School of Music!  Impressive yes!?!  Well this guy has style, humor and grit and I loved every second of his shoot.  I can’t wait to say… I photographed Quentin before he’s all big and famous 🙂 !  BTW – this location I stumbled across last minute and it seriously couldn’t have been more perfect for him!  Last little tidbit on this session – I had my friend and amazing photog Liz Labianca join me on the session.  She typically shoots families and was itching to photograph a senior… what a great session to join right?

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