Reconnection – one of the best parts of my job!

When I first started off on this journey of a business in photography – I knew there were many things that would surprise me around every corner.  I knew there would be a zillion things that made me love my job, but I never expected it to allow me to reconnect with ‘long lost friends’ (like how I didn’t use the word – OLD Friends Tatum) 🙂  Through this photography journey, I’ve been able to reconnect with some friends from college and actually SEE their kids.  Not only through my lens, but really get to ‘hang out with them’.  Sure we see our college friends children on facebook and through photo albums online all the time.  But this is different.  I hadn’t seen these kids mom (Tatum) in years – gosh – probably close around 10yrs.  It was a treat to see her of course, but meeting her children was one of my favorite parts.  Tatum, thanks for waiting so patiently for this blog post – I’ll get your gallery to you this week!  MISS YOU and can’t wait to see you again!!!  Now – on to the 2 cuties…

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