Swimmin’ Birthday Style!!

So most of what I do is 1:1 portrait sessions with kids.  Every once in a while I get to break away and do something a bit different like a bday party.  Some photographers cringe at the thought of shooting a bday party but I oddly enjoy it – ON OCCASION. 🙂  I only shoot parties for a handful of families that I’m already connected with.  I think that really makes a difference.  A stranger with a camera at a child’s bday party – just seems a bit odd.   I find the parents love the stress of not having the responsibility of the photos and now they can actually be in a few pics.  Even better the kids can just call over MISS JENNY – take our picture.  This is sort of what happened at this swimming birthday party  for little Annie.  The party was a hit, the kids had a blast and thank you “C” family for allowing me to capture a few moments that will help Annie remember such a fun time!


PS – I can’t leave this post without saying – this family was one of my VERY FIRST CLIENTS!!  They have 2 of the cutest kids (with another cutie on the way).  I’m so fortunate to have such great supporters of mine like the “C” family!  Thank you guys!!  I certainly do appreciate you all!

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