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Looking back at the images from this session – I can’t help but hear Tom Petty singing in my ear ~ “The waiting is the hardest part…”  This amazingly beautiful couple is doing just that ~ waiting.  Waiting on their world to change, their family to grow, their love to multiply & their new baby to join them on this glorious journey.   I wish you all could meet this couple.  They are ‘that couple’ that you meet & you think immediately – ‘WOW now that is love’.  You are around them for just a few minutes & you might think they just met.  They have that ‘new love’ that ‘puppy love’ that I can’t help but think they will have forever! They are kind, thoughtful, funny, devoted & simply wonderful.  Basically they are everything any child would want in a parent.  One thing I know for sure, this child will be so lucky to have found their way to these two!

For now, these images represent what’s to come.  But as soon as that call has come in that their little baby has arrived – these images will then become the start of his or her life story.  What a magnificent way for a child to look back at their homecoming & realize how intensely they were prayed for, dreamed of, planned for & waited for.  Not many children can reflect & realize the love that represents all of that.  To me that’s what is so honest & awe-inspiring about adoption.  That little baby is truly growing in their hearts – I can see it…can’t you?

adoptive parents waiting and praying for their little onesun sets on beautiful couple waiting on their adoptive babycouple waiting for their baby and reflecting on their adoption portfoliocouple waiting for their babysoon to be new parents wait in a field to reflect upon their adoption journeycouple adopting a baby waiting for the little oneadoptive parents waiting and praying for their little onecouple sunset kiss as they dream of their adoptive babysweet embrace by couple waiting for their adoptive babylong hard road for adoption process but so worth the wait!sunset on a dock at white rock lake

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Know another couple like this waiting for their new little love – contact me – I’d LOVE to do a session for them!

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