Welcome to the world Dean…

Who doesn’t just love a little newborn – just days 10 old?  Meet Dean.  The newest and sweetest little boy in town.  I had the pleasure of photographing his mom a few months back (boy can she manage to look fabulous in the Texas summer heat – check out that session HERE).  He was quite a trooper yesterday as he put up with us for longer than we expected (or maybe we put up with his lack of sleepiness even more so).  He was quite, sweet, at times WIDE AWAKE, hungry, lovey and how can I forget – he had perfect aim.  Towards the end of the shoot I recieved a perfectly aimed shower – and not the clean kind.  🙂 Regardless – I enjoyed every minute and A&G – I hope you do too!  Congratulations guys!!!

PS – awesome twig basket in 1st shot from my favorite store ever… The Gypsy Wagon!

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  2. gorgeous! Love that wooden basket and that last storyboard!! I would love that printed just like that!!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks so much Maureen! Kind words coming from you and Jules makes my day! 🙂 Mucho Thanks! (ps – I agree – I might print that storyboard up for my proofing room)

  3. love these. love your light and pp … perfection!

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