when I grow up…

…I’d like to be as funky and stylish as my friend Molly.  She has that ‘it’ thing with clothes and can pair together just about anything to make a fabulous outfit.  I joke with her that if I tried to pull of some of the great looks she does – I’d hit the ‘fashion don’t list’ super quick!!!

So who’s Molly you ask???  Well she started as a dear friend of mine from College back at our Texas Tech Days in … dare I say it in 1995!!  Loved her then and love her more now!  She’s got a super groovy husband named Ben and the cutest little boy you could ever imagine (Doss – aka Buggers) ….oh – and yes – he has style too!  On top of all of that – she’s my STYLIST for photo shoots (and sometimes for me).  My clients LOVE her and they are constantly amazed at what she can pull together from their own closets!  Thank you Molly for making my clients look even more fabulous!  Check out this session she styled for me.  If your interested in doing a styled session – give me a shout!  I must say that we are a great team together!

You can follow along as I do with Molly on her quirky, fashionable and style full blog…SMMIDGE. It’s like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and a jolt to your hidden sense of style!

Love you Molly!  OH and Happy Birthday too!!!

Molly Magill Jenny Watts Photography | Smmidge Sessions

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