Who’s intimidated…?

…ME!  When you are faced with the opportunity to photograph another photographers children, it can be pretty scary.  But when you are challenged with the experience of photographing my friends Stephen and Kristen’s children – you are completely freaked out!!!

Stephen and Kristen are both amazing photographers and they have been a HUGE help to me during this first part of my photography career.  After being introduced to them a while back, they’ve kind of been there the entire way – and I am so thankful.  They’ve done it all, from giving me advice, to enhancing my technical skills, to encouraging me, to real world “just wait until this happens to you” stories and so much more – I will be forever grateful.  They will see this as a small thank you for a photography prop – but I see it as so much more.  Enjoy these few guys and I’ll make sure to show you the rest asap!  I do however hope to pick this session up again in the Fall so the girls and myself aren’t melting…. 🙂

To check out Stephen’s work visit his gorgeous portrait site and/or his amazing interior site.  To see Kristin you’ll have to schedule a Pilates lesson.  She’s amazing and I’m so happy she discovered her new path!!

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  1. Magan Blasig says:

    LOVE them, Jenny! So, so fun! 🙂 Awesome job!

  2. Stephen says:

    Jenny! Love these! Our girls never looked happier! You have a natural connection with them and the photos show it, you made it all look effortless under the intense shooting conditions. Great job! You can shoot them anytime!

  3. Kristen K says:

    Beautiful Jenny! Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the rest. The “cool” fall sounds fun!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Kristen! They really were a blast but I definitely want a redo when it’s cooler! Should be getting the pics to you by this wknd – behind a bit due to being out of town. Hang tight! 🙂

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